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Male Sexual Diseases: Introduction

Any condition that affects any stage of the sexual response cycle. The conditions may have physical (e.g. diabetes, hormonal imbalance, vascular disease) or psychological (stress, anxiety, depression) origins. Ejaculation disorders such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are some of the more common male sexual problems.

Symptoms of Male sexual conditions:

Erectile dysfunction
Vascular disease
Psychological conditions
Sexual transmitted diseases
more symptoms...


A thorough psychiatric and sexual history is necessary before undertaking expensive laboratory tests. It is wise to interview the spouse or sexual partner also because the symptom may be exaggerated by the patient. Do not hesitate to order a drug screen. Routine tests include a CBC and differential count, a urinalysis, a urine culture and colony count, a chemistry panel, VDRL test, thyroid profile, serum testosterone, and gonadotrophin assay. A referral to a urologist is probably wise at this point. He will work up the patient further with a nocturnal tumescent study, Doppler ultrasonography, and penile blood pressure studies. In addition, he may want to do a cystoscopy. It may be wise to perform a postage stamp test before referral for a formal tumescence study. Nerve conduction velocity studies and EMGs may be needed to rule out diabetic neuropathy. MRI of the spine, cystometric studies, and SSEP studies will help to rule out multiple sclerosis and other spinal cord lesions. A sacral reflex latency time may be very helpful in diagnosing sacral nerve injury. A spinal tap may help rule out central nervous system lues. Angiography may be needed to exclude a Leriche's syndrome.