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Online Consultation, Fee and Charges




First Consultation: Rs.1000/


Subsequent Consultation: Rs 500/


Monthly Medicine Charges: Rs 500/


Consultation + Medicines: Rs 2000/Month (Including one Subsequent Formal Consultation)


General Consultation + Medicines: Rs 1000/ Monthly.


Session Charges (India): Rs.1500/


Session Charges Overseas: Rs.2000/


Packing + Courier (India): Rs.150/


Packing + Courier (Overseas): Rs.2000/Per shipping


Consultation + Medicine + Courier (India): Rs.2150/(1 Month)


Consultation + Medicine +Courier (India): Rs.6000/(3 Months)


Consultation + Medicine +Courier (Overseas): Rs.6000+2000=8000/(3 Months)


Consultation + Medicine +Courier (Overseas): Rs.12000 + 2000=14000/(6 Months)


Consultation + Medicine +Courier (Overseas): Rs.24000 + 2000=26000/(12 Months)



*Rates are subjected to change without prior information on website.