CLIENT'S FEEDBACK : "Dr. Ram Kumar is a psychiatrist with specialty in homeopathy..... He is best homeopathic doctor for mental problems. Salute to Dr. Ram Kumar" -- Vinit Shankar | "My whole family takes treatment from Dr.Kumar whenever needed.... A must visit doctor"-- Dominic jaggi | "I really thank God for the gift of Dr.Ram Kumar... I greatly appreciate his work--" AIRIS MARY | “Dr. R. Kumar is a good psychiatrist and an awesome counselor. He is an excellent physician having wide knowledge of different systems of medicine.” Bishwendra | "Dr. Kumar have a wide approach towards different system of medicine which makes him an excellent healer.." --Dr. Anju Gupta | "I sincerely recommend Dr.Ram Kumar's unique practice for everyone who wants to have a better and more full filling life".--- Priyanka | "He filled my life with courage and enthusiasm. I get my life back full of happiness and joy.World is so beautiful for me now,even my husband started understand me. God bless him for making my life beautiful like heaven."--- Varsha Roy | "He resolves all my issues regarding my depression and guide me to focus on my goals and aims... after hypnotherapy my vision also improved and I don't need them now. Thanks to Dr. Ram Kumar."-- Monika | "I dont over estimate my problems now. I am realistic and positive. Thanks for everything... to Doctor Ram Kumar" -- Ashutosh | “After surviving some horrifying experiences, I was always afraid…. Now life is easier and girls tell me I am much more confident.. ready for everything”... Randeep jain
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Vinay Shankar (Name changed)

Dr. Ram Kumar is a psychiatrist with specialty in homeopathy. He is best homeopathic doctor for mental problems. I used to suffer from OCD since my age 16-17 and took allopathic treatment for at least 12 years. Initially I used to get relief but latter on I felt that I am worst. Then I tried ayurvedic treatment which also didn`t help me a bit. I searched on web and got information about Dr. Ram Kumar, and surprised to see that a psychiatrist from homeopathy. I met him and I found very different from other psychiatrist. He helped me by homeopathic medicines, counseling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. It took 1 month to see me concrete result initially but everything has gone the right way and I am fully recovered within 8 months. Salute to Dr. Ram Kumar.


Randeep Jain (Name Changed)

After surviving some horrifying experiences, I was always afraid "what would happen to me? After surviving a rape attempt, whenever a male would come closer to me, I would start shaking, my body would go numb and my mind would start feeling very scared.After that, I rarely went to crowded places and I was scared that I would never be alright again and I would never be able to have a normal conversation with anyone without feeling scared.I started to worry and be anxious all the time, thinking.......who was going to come and rape me.but Dr.Kumar helped me by removing my fears and letting go off the shock of rape attempt . Therapies  helped me, to become more confident and now i am able to talk properly with everybody specially girls without being afraid.I am free from worries of anybody coming to attack me.Now life is easier and girls tell me that I am much more confident and ready to enjoy my life.Thanks to Dr. Kumar.



From last 15 years I have Bipolar disorder and OCD. It was a lot of pain. I was taking allopathic medicines from last 13 years.But it was not that effective.After coming in touch with Dr. Ram Sir, I felt that Yes there is a hope in my life and I can be cured.Through his therapies and homeopathic treatment ,I gained back my stamina and now I am more positive and free from depression and OCD. I can say that, he changed my life.My way of thinking from negative to positive. He showed me the way to recover.Now I can think of fulfilling my dream.


Mini Ahuja (Name Changed)

I came in a condition where I lost all control over my mind and my body. I was suffering from all kind of mental disorders starting from separation anxiety to split consciousness to a manic depression and psychosis.  I Lost hope, deep sadness and a strong urge to quit this life by committing suicide. But then I found Dr. Ram Kumar who gave me new hopes, inspiration to start my life all over again. The kind of work he is doing is commendable and I think nobody in India is doing such kind of healing Therapies and treatment. Anybody who is reading this please take it as a signal from god that you are going in the right direction for your healing.


Dharmendra Chaudhary (Name Changed)

I was under severe depression. My mind was full of anger. I was not able to face difficulties being faced in my routine life. When I face any difficult situation, I usually changed my path instead of trying to solve the problem. My mind remains full of bad thoughts. I always think that there is something wrong with me. I faced acidity problem in my routine life.  I was not able to have healthy talk with my family members and friends and hence they avoid me. I lost my confidence totally.

After taking therapy from Dr. Kumar’s Homeopathy and mental health clinic, I get my confidence and life back. Now I can think positively and face any difficult situation come in my life. My relations with my family members and friends are very sweet .Now my mind doesn’t remain busy in negative thinking. Now I am not feeling any stress or depression. Now my emotions are stable and no one can hurt them easily. But my habit of forgetfulness still persists for which I still taking therapy and trying to regain my power of memories the things /events/facts.



A tribute to Dr.Ram kumar

If u can trust a thing therapy then only u can benefited from it.So the first step I took was to believe in Dr.Ram Kumar .My problem was basically,the over clouding of thoughts in my mind and the consequent under performance in every sphere of my life.My meeting with Dr. Kumar was followed by his unique style of interpreting my case history.Then I was made to understand how basically the mind works and the way problems get in to our thinking system.Once I was familiar with mind and its processes,I agree to go for hypnotherapy session.And I swear that was a life changing experience.I found hypnotherapy session a better tool to understand myself and my problems.And with Dr.Kumar's expert assistance,hypnotherapy along with psychotherapy  and mind coaching I feel lot of changes in myself,all constructive and vitalising.I sincerely recommend Dr.Ram Kumar's unique practice for everyone who wants to have a better and more full filling life.


Varun (Name Changed)

When I started taking sessions, my condition was not very good. I was encountering a lot of frustrating problems which used to disrupt my daily routine. I am a student, and this problem of OCD and anxiety had reduced my output of studies very much. My hand used to get stiff on its own due to nervousness. Therefore I was not able to write properly, while I was studying. After I started taking sessions, I felt a little relieved in starting sessions itself. I was very afraid of giving exams. But just after five sessions I gave my SCRA exam quite comfortably compared to earlier times. Then later, I observed that my behavior was slowly changing .I had become more calm and could control my anger. When my EEE exams came close and again I grew nervous. But  after repeated sessions, my nervousness came down quickly and I gave my EEE exam quite comfortably which I was not sure that I would be able to .Although still there are certain problems of repetition and I still get nervous whenever   I encounter something of importance. But the extent of nervousness has come down a great deal. I have full faith now that if I keep taking sessions and keep my thought positive, I will become completely alright very soon.


Hi everybody... My whole family takes treatment from Dr.Kumar whenever needed. He is not only good psychiatrist, but a very good physician too. He cured my mother`s thyroid problems and my allergy. A must visit doctor.



Irin Mary (Name Changed)

I really thank God for the gift of Dr.R.kumar. I greatly appreciate his work. He is an excellent doctor, my dad sickness was unbelievable to cure and we have spend a lots with many doctors and in many Hospitals we have through, but we stay hopeless. My dad`s sickness became more serious, atlast were looking for a homeopathic doctor. Through website we got Dr.R.Kumar`s contact. We called him and visited there. Within few days his treatment started working and I could see my dad sickness going down. So my dad kept continuing his medicine. After two to three months my dad got completely cured. God bless to Dr.R.Kumar. He is a great Doctor. Thanks giving to Dr.Kumar.


Hi, my mother used to suffer from thyroid (diagnosed as ?hypothyroidism and hypocalcaemia?) and had many complaints like, obesity, joint pain, constipation, dullness, sleep trouble, depression, hair fall etc. She took treatment for 6 years from different doctors but there were no significant relief. My mother?s exercise was about nil, her movement became restricted and it was very painful for her. One of my relative told me that she is taking treatment for thyroid from Dr. R. Kumar and getting well. I consulted to Dr. R. Kumar for my mother. He took very exhaustive case history for almost 1 hour and 30 minutes and that worked. Initially it seemed that progress is very slow but after continuous treatment, she got free from her all complaints. What I learned there is if you have good doctor, you have way to recovery from any kind of suffering.


Dr. R. Kumar is a good psychiatrist and an awesome counselor. He is an excellent physician having wide knowledge of different systems of medicine. His diagnostic approach is fantastic. I have very sweet experience with him. What i can tell, you go to him with anguish and he will make you laugh.

Dr Anju Gupta

I am basically a pediatrician and used to suffer from chronic gastritis and joint pain. I always used to be on antacid and pain killer, but these medications made my conditions worse day by day and I had to stop these medicines a day. Since I suffer a lot from above troubles, i was looking for an another choice. I consulted to Dr. Kumar for homeopathic treatment and it worked finally. I became completely ok within few months. Since allopathic medicines have its limitation and lots of side effects, its better to go for another options we have. Now I refer to Dr. Kumar for the treatment of children suffering from allergy or other immunity disorders, neurological disorders, delayed milestones, growth disorders etc which have no significant treatment in modern medicine. One more thing to say, Dr. Kumar have a wide approach towards different system of medicine which makes him an excellent healer..

Shiv Kumar

Dr. Kumar is a very good doctor. I was suffering from memory loss after an injury on my head. I took treatment from him almost 1 year and now my memory is as before the injury and I am enjoying my job as a manager sales. Thanks to Dr. Kumar.



I really want to thank Dr. Ram Kumar,as I am living now a very happy and peaceful life.I was suffering from depression,with sleep disturbance, fatigue and loss of interest with diminished involvement in work,when I stared taking treatment from Dr. Ram Kumar,his way of understanding psychological problem is very good.He has started with counselling along with homeopathic treatment .within a week I started feeling better.Further I have taken clinical hypnotherapy sessions.During session,he resolves all my issues regarding my depression and guide me to focus on my goals and aims.and one more thing I use to wear spectacles,after hypnotherapy my vision also improved.and I don't need them now.thanks to Dr. Ram Kumar.


Asha Roy (Name Changed)

Me Varsha Roy,age-28 yrs.married.with 2 kids.i was suffering from severe depression. I use to cry whole day and I use to think that I'll not be able to do my household work.i was not able to take care of life became was so colorless for me,nobody wants me.I have stopped enjoying company,and use to think that my life is going to end very soon.even I was not able to understand what to do, and where to go?I was suffering from mental trauma and not able to express to it with anyone.I was not able to take care of my kids too.there was no confidence and happiness in me.But when I came to Dr.Ram kumar's clinic my life has been completely changed after counselling and hypnotherapy.He is just like God to me.He saved me from depression.and give me a new life.his way of treatment is very effective.He filled my life with courage and enthusiasm.I am very much satisfied with everything now.Because of his treatment I get my life back full of happiness and joy.World is so beautiful for me now,even my husband started understand me.The most important thing is that Dr. Ram kumar behaves very politely with his patient.God bless him for making my life beautiful like heaven.


Ashutosh Sharma (Name Changed)

Hi everyone!

I used to suffer from anxiety disorder which i have been diagnosed two years back. I consulted to a psychiatrist and i was keenly following his prescription. But instead of relief, i was getting worse. It used to make me drowsy, and some sexual problems. when i reported to Psychiatrist, he accepted and said that i have to face these side effects. He changed my medicine too but side effects was more troublesome for me. I stopped medicines. 6 months later anxiety became again big. I was searching a good homeopathic doctor on net and found Dr. Kumar's Homeopathy & Mental Health Clinic Address. I spoke to Dr. Ram Kumar. I was surprised to know that he is not only a homeopathic doctor, but psychiatrist too. Initially i could'nt believe that a homeopathic doctor can be a psychiatrist. When i met him.... surprised. He is not only a homeopathic doctor and psychiatrist but much more than that. He is a very good mind coach and very good counselor and guide too. He prescribed me homeopathic medicines and with that i felt safe. He also suggested me 22 psychological sessions; i had to do because i wanted to get rid off my anxiety. After few sessions i started feeling relief and after 12 session i felt no more needed. Now i dont take medicines. I am completely alright. Yes. I have different approach towards my life. I dont over estimate my problems now. I am realistic and positive. Thanks for everything... to Doctor Ram Kum


Ganesh Kumar (Name Changed)

Earlier I was very worried about my health and almost every month I was suffering from fits and convulsions (Epilepsy).And I was also suffering from digestion problems, gas, acidity, headache etc.But after taking homeopathy treatment from Dr. Ram Kumar , I am free from fits. And I am very happy now. Thanks Dr. Ram Kumar.


Arpita Ahuja (Name Changed)

The best Dr in this world i have ever known... It is rightly said that Dr's are equal to God... for me the second name of God is Dr Ram Kumar.... Bas jo dil se aya likh diya.


Ashok Kumar (Name Changed)

A year has gone by since  I first met Dr. Kumar. I  remember the terrible low phase I was facing at that time . I was diagnosed with BPD (Bipolar Disorder) 4 yrs. back  and had phases of Highs and Lows. But today under his excellent guidance and treatment  I feel I never had any problem. The powerful techniques of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy used by Sir is just incredible. I would recommend anyone  suffering from any mental ailment to approach Dr. Kumar. He is seriously the best Doctor I have met in my life.


Shyam Kumar Tripathi (Name Changed)

I have been a typical case of OCD for last 14 years. Actually it is very difficult to recognize this illness. By the time a person feels to seek medical help, it is actually too late. It is really distressing and terrific to live with OCD. I used to have fear of germs, contagious disease, HIV virus. I used to have fear of unlucky numbers like 3, 6 and 9 and used to avoid them, even in important works of office. I used to place items like pencils, pen, cloths, specs etc in very particular way and I could not move away without keeping things in particular fashion. I used to wash my hands and feet in specific numbers i.e. 2 mugs of water for each.

I used to feel anxious and depressed most of the time visited to many doctors. I took treatment from many psychiatrists, private and AIIMS. They used to prescribe me sertaline and clomipramine. These medicines reduced my symptoms to some extent but never cured me. A couple of years back my OCD got complicated with depression.

3 and ½ months back I came across Dr. Ram Kumar. He recommended me homeopathic medicines and psychological therapies, which I did accordingly. Now I feel completely ok and have said good bye to costly allopathic medicines. I am still taking homeopathic medicines and some counseling sessions as strictly recommended by the doctor at Dr. Kumar’s Homeopathy & Mental Health Clinic, but I am free from OCD. I thank to Dr. Ram Kumar and his staff who really helped me to come out of this dangerous sickness.

My advice to patients: In OCD, patient takes extra effort to fight his own thoughts. The more the person fights, the more aggravation of OCD is made. The person actually fights with himself. Can a person defeat himself or herself? Never! Whatever the case is, be rock solid. Be positive, man is victorious, diseases are not. Sickness has to go away one day. Have patience, there is something good for you in all conditions, you cannot see this now but coming time will show you, have faith! Keep yourself busy, work hard, exercise really helps to boost serotonin and alleviates depression. Thanks.


Purnima Vaidya (Name Changed)

I came here with the symptoms of bipolar disorder and other bad past experience. Problems like low self esteem, anger, guilt, hopelessness were in my head. However, during counseling and therapies i learned to keep myself in right state of mind. Counseling helped me to know the behavioral reasons & how to manage them. Therapies helped me to heal my old wounds and guilt and other issues to the extant that i have forgot its existence. I have learned art of living here. The negativity are out and my subconscious is filled with wisdom of positive thinking. After sessions i feel more balanced and relaxed. I really thank Dr. Ram for understanding and curing me fully.



It was impossible for me to believe that this anxiety which i was suffering from was curable and this condition could actually be made normal. When i was going through the various blogs on the internet, I found that therapy was the only solution as antidepressant which are given by the general psychiatrists actually gives temporary relief, with many side effects. Then i decided to go for homeopathic medicines and found that Dr. Kumar is the only doctor who could prescribe homeopathic medicines for this purpose. I found out that therapy is also given to the patient by him, and it actually enhances the recovery and today i am fully recovered. I would suggest its always better to try and go for the homeopathic treatment and psychological therapies rather than wasting time and money and efforts for antidepressants.



Its very glad to say for me to inform you all that i found Dr Ram Kumar as a best homeopathic doctor and psychotherapist. Two years before i was suffering from various kind of ailments like bronchitis , asthma with high ESR level, gastric disturbances. I was very depressed because of my illness. Doctor advised me two kinds of treatment, first medicine and second therapy. Because i was student at that time, i choose treatment from medicine. After taking medicines i found drastic improvement in my gastric disturbances and within one week, i got complete relief in my gastric trouble that was going with me from last several years.  My other illness like eosinophilia, high ESR level also started improving. after 2 years my 60% problems got resolved. I advised for therapy, I Took only 4 sessions of therapy, but after every session i started feeling stress free.  I started enjoying new shade of life. I am very happy now.


Anita (Name changed)

I am fine and normal. The old negative pattern of thoughts keep interfering in many aspects of my life. But I am handling well. Your therapy helped to great extent in my recovery and helped me in dealing with myself and others.

1. I understood how mind produces negative thoughts and I am able to identify the source of these thoughts i.e my past and I remind myself that past is only a past memory and it is not presently happening and that, I have overcome all those negative circumstances of past. I am no longer petrified and block those thoughts but try to deal with them in a healthy way.

2.I identify my weaknesses, for e.g perfectionism, expecting world and others to be perfect which is irrational, illogical. When such anxious thoughts occur in my mind, I remind myself to view the situation realistically. I try to accept myself and others with both positives and negatives, instead of worrying for my/others negatives...i,.e to overcome pessimism and become realistic.

3. After suffering all my life, by now, I understood the disadvantages of the negative, self defeating thoughts and by believing them, how it hampers stability and clarity of mind and creates disturbing emotions. The best way to address disturbing emotions is to allow them and letting them go, instead of denying, escaping or catching them and not letting go which I was doing all these years. Your exercises helped me to accept the painful emotions and let them go.

4. In social situations, I do get anxious about negative evaluation by others. I am still working on that.

5. When I interact with others, I am able to understand them from their perspective. I am able to understand why people behave the way they do. I no longer have much problem when I interact with others even in negative circumstances. Your therapy is of immense help.

6. I try to behave in such a way that I reach my goals in life in accordance with my values and ethics. i.e If a situation is overwhelmingly emotionally, I remind myself about my motivation and goals and take action such that it helps me reach my goals rather than being emotionally trapped in the situation and do nothing.

7. I am doing exercise, Yoga and Mindfulness meditation in the morning. It lifts my spirit and keeps me active throughout the day. I found that Yoga and Meditation reduces the intensity and uphold of negative emotions and helps the mind back to normal state quickly.

8. Meditation also helped me to be self aware, awareness of my thoughts, emotions etc. As soon as I get into negative spiral in a situation, I try to be aware of changes in my body, i.e tightness in throat etc (emotions), I do deep breathing and relax myself. When I calm down, I address the situation. I understood that I can find best solution for a problem only if I am with calm and stable mind.

9. Even after addressing negative thoughts, some thoughts keep repeating, then Mindfulness helped me to observe a " thought" as thought only and let it go and come back to present moment.

10. Instead of focusing only negatives in my life, I started focusing on positive things in my life, with awareness of negatives (to be grounded in reality) and be contented and and strive for goals with positive motivation.


Suman Pant

This is my personal experience as my mother was very depressed after the death of my father. But after the treatment and therapies from here for more than 1 year now she is perfectly fine. She is feeling well now. I am happy and thankful to Doctor for so much support.


Vivek Kumar (Name changed)

I am writing this message to all readers regarding my anxiety and low confidence level. I really want to thank Dr. Ram Kumar to make me come out from my troubles. I was not happy from my life because of low confidence. I was not able to speak with friends, in public, perform well. My memory and concentration were to weak. I was not able to face challenging conditions. I started taking counseling sessions from Dr. Ram Kumar. He also suggested hypnotherapy to reduce my problems and it really worked as a miracle and now my life is full of joy, confidence and courage.


Akshay Sahay

I am Akshay Sahay and i had anxiety issue as well as OCD. I was taking allopathic treatment for almost 2 and 1/2 years while was temporary relief, But when i had a nervous breakdown, i came to know that my condition is getting worse and worse. I used to have panic attacks, even once i thought my life has to come to an end. Then i came to know about Dr. Ram Kumar through internet and started taking homeopathic treatment and hypnotherapy. With the passage of time i felt relaxation and peace of mind with each and every session. It helped me solve day today issue as well as major issues.

I started taking sessions on 15/09/2014 and today 27/09/2015, I can stand without fear and with utmost confidence in myself. This was a life turning phase and yes i believe that every one goes through a rough time, but believe in yourself and believe in power of God. I am highly thankful towards Dr. Ram Kumar and Dr. Monika for saving me, and showing me the right path, and making me feel special to this world.



I was diagnosed with psychosis 3 years back and I had a narrow escape from turning into a complete schizophrenic..Dr Rams treatment saved my life...he is the best and the most intelligence Dr I have come across...His therapeutic processes and counselling sessions are really effective...and I truly feel that the kind of work he is doing to treat mental illnesses ,no one in India is doing it...highly recommended to all those who are suffering and need help. The only right place to go

Sonia Haldia

I to thank Dr. Ram Kumar,as I am living now a very happy and peaceful life.I was suffering from depression,with sleep disturbance, fatigue and loss of interest with diminished involvement in work,when I stared taking treatment from Dr. Ram Kumar,his way of understanding psychological problem is very good.He has started with counselling along with homoeopathic treatment .the way of treatment is very holistic ,within a week I started feeling better.Further I have taken clinical hypnotherapy sessions.During session,he resolves all my issues regarding my depression and guide me to focus on my goals and aims. thank you so much for support .


Dr. Kumar has a unique way of treatment, his therapy process includes first making you understand how the human mind works and what exactly causes a mental health problem. This first step is very important because its helps you to understand and accept your situation. Acceptance is the biggest step in mental health issues. This is followed by hypnotherapy sessions where you learn to release all negative thought patterns and with affirmations and guided meditation fill your mind with positive thoughts and confidence. Another thing that I would like to add is that Dr. Kumar never made me feel like a mental health patient but a normal human being which has helped me a lot considering the stigma that comes with mental health.



This year would not have been the same without you... thank you for helping me believe and see that I am a strong and independent person who deserves to be loved and treated well... my journey doesn't end here but thank you for helping me start it!4



After completing my 3 months treatment for OCD, now i am relaxed. Problem has been reduced. Thanks to Dr Kumar sir to help me out of my problem.


Amit Gaurav Vidhua

Mai Amit Gaurav Vidhua 2011 se writer's cramp se peedit tha. AIIMS, Gangaram etc sabhi hopspital me dikhaya. sabne mujhe mana kar diya. Mai puri Tarah se  nirash ho chuka tha. Sir se milne par mera vuishwash badha. Ab mai swasth hun aur aram se apna lekhan karya kar raha hun. Respected Sir ko bahut- bahut dhanyavad. Sir ne mujhe ek naya jeevan diya hai, ki har beemari ka ilaj sambhav hai. Ummid hai ki sir ke sanrakshan me mere sabhi sapne aur sankalp saakar honge. Thanks alot sir.


I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was in very bad condition. I had undergone both medication and therapy to overcome my problems. I had 28 sessions of therapy and started feeling the better between 8-10 sessions. Each and every session was effective for me. The clinic and its staff are also good and really helpful. Thanks.


I had severe depression and OCD symptoms when i felt the need for a psychological/psychiatric expert help. Dr. Ram Kumars website was there on web. I came here first and never felt need to go for any other doctor. He has been a blessing totally. With each session and consultation to took me from severely depressed to feeling of normal. The effect was visible in the first weekend then with further sessions my condition improved unimaginably.  He is my first and last choice for treatig such symptoms. I also thank his over helpful staff who so no lack of dilligence in performing thier duties.

In short its a 100/100 for curing the symptoms. I had thought, would never go, that too within a years time. Absolutely satisfactory.

Adarsh Kushwaha (Name changed)

I am Adarsh Kushwaha studying in I was suffering from writer's cramp disease from last 3 years. I felt difficulty in writing when i was in 11th class and this disease increased gradually. I used to feel tremendous pain in my fingers to an extent of swelling. It made me difficult to write almost anything. I searched on google about this disease, I found many hospitals but they told me only one way to resolve this problem and that is Botox injection. But my family was not in favor to inject botox. One day my mother searched on google for the doctors of writer's cramp and she found the name of Dr. Kumar, and got the phone no. and addressof Dr. Kumar's Homeopathy & Mental Mental Health Clinic. We came here on next dayand met with Dr. Kumar. He told me that this a disease of psychological origin, creating stiffness in my hand. He insured me that i will be get rid of my problem and become perfect. He gave me some homeopathic medicines and advised for psychological session. I did it as per his advise. From that day i came to this place till today i felt big change in my writing. It took 6 months but i am 100% fine now. Dr. Kumar made capable to write  this feedback with gratitude. Initially i was not more than 3-4 lines. I am very grateful and thankful to Dr. Kumar


Bhavna Asanani

Hello. My name is Bhavna, I am 33 yrs old and live in Delhi. By profession I am an organizational psychologist. I went to Dr. Ram Kumar few months back for depression and low self esteem. I had been recently divorced and was overcoming a lot of post traumatic stress. So much so that i wasnt able to perform well at work and left my job as it was becoming too overwhelming. I felt inadequate to perfom basic things and started doubting everything about myself. During the beginning of therapy i felt quite lost and couldn't understand how each session was related to my issues. I am a psychologist myself so i was always trying to analyse the therapy. But what Dr. Ram Kumar does has a cumulative effect and takes time to come to surface as he tries to change deep rooted thinking patterns rather than just working on the symptom/behaviour level. Dr Kumar has a holistic treatment approach using cognitive behaviour therapy, hypnosis, counseling and conceptual education to make sure the patient understands thier own condition best. In the last couple of months i have seen my self confidence come back. I have started taking more active steps towards my life - be it health, job or overall happiness. I feel I am much more balanced, stable and in flow now. As a bonus, my health has also improved since most of my diseases were stres related. I would highly recommend Dr. Ram Kumar to anyone who is willing to invest in their wellbeing and wants to lead a mentally healthy life without any medication. However, please do not expect miracles to happen after the 1st few sessions- our thinking patterns took years to form and will take atleast some months/weeks to alter.