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Past Life Therapy

Past Life Therapy


As a client-centered process ,a past-life session is determined by the unique needs and abilities of the client.  Sessions use techniques which most efficiently access unconscious trauma and eliminate it from present day living. A session starts by locating trauma using body sensations, strong emotions, or words and phrases which are impactful. The process finds words and gives them emotions or finds emotions and gives words to them.  Impact of these words and emotions is then found in the physical body. Greater spiritual awareness is always experienced as a result of the change from fear and confusion to clarity and self-understanding.

A session recognizes the pre-existence of an altered state induced at the time of the original past trauma and kept active by the mind's inability to complete these experiences. The language and emotions of these earlier incidents serves as post-hypnotic commands imbedded in current conversations and acted out in current behavior. Once recognized in present life, they are used to locate the trauma or origin and will be noticeably absent from today when their control is gone.

A session begins with a brief discussion of the presenting problem as a way of reaching the point where the client is asked to "close your eyes because you're already in the experience where we will work."  No attempt is made to induce a state of relaxation as this is counter-productive to fully realizing a state of trauma.  Relaxation and fear do not coexist in these sessions. The following is an example of the language used by the therapist to further the session.

"The scene you're now in holds the answers you need in this session..... (1) say the first words you think of coming from where you are.....(2) feel the physical stress in your body and tell me the first physical position that     coexists with the stress.....sitting, walking, lying down.....recognize where you are as you become conscious of     your situation.....(3) tell me the strongest emotion of which you're consciously aware."

The primary mode of perception is of importance here only as a means of determining the strengths and weaknesses of the client. The weaknesses in perception will be addressed as part of the therapy, thus developing for the client a feeling, thinking, and sensate balance.  Once the client responds, focus is deepened and maintained by a repetition of phrases and sentences that lead through the experience.  Repeated phrases will lead to accessing either emotions or physical affect.  A cathartic release is the goal of this procedure and will be experienced if continued long enough.

There is a structure of past-life incidents that therapist should know and use to assure completion of the issues uncovered. Presentation of this structure and techniques for its use require greater detail than I can provide here. The therapist uses this structure and composition to establish experiential boundaries that provide grounding needed to clear confusion and uncertainty.

The content of past-life experiences is important only in how it relates to present time and how it reveals the reason why the trauma is still unconsciously alive. Once the script is revealed, a process is directed to locate and erase (resolve) trauma from various points of the experience. The final trauma to be cleared is that occurring at the time of death. After all emotions, words, pain, and confusion are cleared from the complete experience, including death, the soul is easily and freely released from the body. Resistance to this separation indicates some emotional attachment still exists somewhere in the experience. The mind will easily find this and release it.  Once free of the past trauma, the client recognizes a greater truth about the experience and is guided to "say and do now what you couldn't say and do then. Finish it!"

A point of identification carried from the past-life death is located during present-life conception and the process of resolution is put in place for continuation. Further reinforcements are found when mother first recognizes her pregnancy consciously. This occurs in the second or third month of pregnancy when her reaction is unconsciously recorded by the fetus.  Another vulnerable point for the fetus comes in the seventh- eighth month when the physical and emotional pressures on the mother are reaching a peak of intensity.

During the birth experience, the body experientially survives that which caused death in the past life.  Because of this, a negative survival pattern is created as part of the life script. The client is encouraged to change this script by consciously resolving these experiences much as the past experience was changed.